Mobility Devices Overview (Shared & Personal)

Updated 20 February 2024 to reflect the sole operator in Berkeley.

Dear Campus Community,

Earlier this summer, several companies began to operate electronically motorized devices for the community to get around the City of Berkeley as part of the city’s Shared Electric Micromobility Program The California Vehicle Code (CVC) defines “an ‘electronically motorized board’ is any wheeled device that has a floorboard designed to be stood upon when riding…” - - such as a sit/stand eScooter or eBike.

VeoRide was selected by the City of Berkeley, along with Parking & Transportation (P&T) staff, to get approval to operate in the City of Berkeley. We are excited about a sustainable option for the campus to use in fighting climate change, noise pollution, and traffic congestion, plus filling in the transportation gaps where bus service may not be adequate.

What do you need to know?

At this time, while these devices can be used by the campus community, the devices are not yet available to use or park inside the UC Berkeley Central Campus areas.

What does this mean for the UC Campus?

  • The University is geofenced, including the Stadium and Greek Theater. Except for travel along Gayley and Piedmont, the entire central campus areas are off-limits for riding and parking (this area is surrounded by Gayley/Piedmont, Hearst, Oxford, and Bancroft).
    • Devices must be locked to a bike rack. They may not be locked to locations that block the ADA paths of travel, handles along ramps, or anywdhere that may pose a trip hazard.
  • This does not preclude us from working with the vendors or having a program – you can ride regionally or locally, but the “last mile” ends at the campus edge.
  • P&T wants to provide a space to make these transportation programs affordable and equitable to the campus. We are working with the vendors to make memberships affordable, including discounts or monthly/semester passes.
  • The timeline for a campus launch and its operations should be available by the end of the Fall semester.

Important considerations

To alleviate any uncertainty about the laws surrounding the devices, we wanted to provide the community with some basic information about them. Below are a few laws to consider before using a micromobility device, whether it’s a personal device or one that is operating within the City of Berkeley:

  • You must be at least 16 years old to operate the device (CVC 21291).
  • You must wear a helmet, unless you are 18 years old or older (CVC 21292).
  • You may only operate the device on roadways with a speed limits of 35 mph or less, unless you are riding within a designated Class II or Class IV bikeway (CVC 21294).
  • You may not operate the device on a roadway, bikeway, pathway, etc. at a speed in excess of 15 mph or a speed that is unsafe for the conditions (CVC 21294).
  • You may not operate the device under the influence of alcohol or drugs (CVC 21296).
  • When using the device during darkness, your device must be properly equipped for visibility (CVC 21293).
  • Only one person can operate a device at a time.

What to do if you find a device that is illegally parked

For illegal parking or misbehavior, please call or email the applicable company referenced below (and copy us at Their customer service contact lines are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for complaints regarding improper parking. Each company’s contact name varies by color:

  • VeoRide (Black and Light Blue) - 250 Stand-Up Scooters and 250 Sit Down Scooters: 855-236-2256 -

Additional details

  • As a part of the permit program’s terms and conditions, if a shared device is parked or being operated improperly (such as sidewalk riding), concerned residents and visitors are encouraged to call or email the customer service contact of the respective operator directly.
  • Each device clearly displays both the operator’s contact information and a unique identifying number. These customer service contacts can also be found within the operator’s mobile application, as well as the operator website(s).
  • By law, Operators must remove improperly parked devices from unauthorized spaces within three (3) hours of receipt of a public complaint. Operators that are repeatedly found to be out of compliance may have their permits terminated at any time.

Personal devices - bikes, eBikes, and scooters

If you have a personal electric scooter or bike, we encourage you to use them on campus. As was referenced in a recent campus WarnMe alert, remember to take initiative to prevent theft of your devices:

  • Always lock your device using a high-quality U-lock.
  • Leave devices in a visible, well-lighted area and avoid leaving them overnight or for extended periods.
  • Keep a record of your serial numbers in case of theft.
  • If your device is stolen on campus, report the theft immediately to the UC Police Department at 510) 642-6760.

We thank you for your time, and we hope that you will get to "scoot" to campus soon.

David Sorrell, TDM-CP
Transportation Demand Management Administrator
Parking & Transportation
Seamus Wilmot, CAPP
Assistant Vice Chancellor, and Executive Director
Business Operations