Berkeley Moves + Carpool

Carpooling is a great way to cut driving costs and reduce stress. Get a discounted carpool permit, find a partner, or sign up for the Guaranteed Ride Home benefit - all resources to help you carpool to campus! 

Notice: All carpool holders will need to register to Berkeley Moves and post to the commute calendar.

Sign up and find a carpool at

Discounted Campus Parking Permit

Permit Type 2020-21 Rates
Carpool: Faculty/Staff  $59.00/month
Carpool: Central Campus $81.00/month
Student Carpool Suspended - Purchase Daily or Monthly Permits amongst your group

Need an emergency ride home?  We've got your covered. 

Staff and Faculty: Don't worry if you carpooled to campus, but need to leave work for an emergency.  Sign up for the FREE guaranteed ride home program(link is external), and you can receive up to six emergency taxi or TNC (lyft or uber) rides, or car rentals each year. 

  1. Sign up here(link is external)
  2. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines(link is external)
  3. Leave your stress behind. 

Carpooling Tips

Buying a permit:

To be eligible, you must be a current UC Berkeley staff member or faculty member.

For pricing and lot access information see our PARKING PERMIT LIST.

Using a Carpool Permit: 

  • The carpool program allows you to buy a carpool permit at your lot access level (C or F).
  • Two carpool permits must be visibly displayed in the same vehicle to be considered a carpool and two or more carpool permit holders traveling together can park at the highest level of the carpool permits displayed.
  • For example, if a student holding a S permit and a faculty member holding an C permit carpool together, they can park in a C lot.

Designated Carpool Parking: 

  • Designated carpool parking spaces are available throughout campus and are reserved for carpools on weekdays until 10:00 a.m.
  • These reserved spaces are open to all carpoolers on a first-cone, first-served basis and not assigned to specific carpool groups.