Contractor, Facilities Services, and Vendor Permits

All UC Berkeley parking areas require a valid parking permit for the area from 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., daily. There are a number of different types of vendor permits available. Depending on the reason for your parking request, arrangements can be made with the assistance of UC Berkeley Construction and Design, a campus department, or Parking and Transportation. 

Contractor Parking 

This permit is available to contractors working with UC Berkeley Construction and Design or another UC Berkeley department. Permits are only valid in the area or space indicated on the permit and the application must include the signature of an authorized representative from the sponsoring campus department. These permits are available as both daily scratch-off permits and as monthly permits requiring renewal stickers every month. To request a contractor permit the sponsoring UC Berkeley department should fill out a contractor parking permit application on behalf of the contractor and submit it to P&T's field operations manager for approval at


This permit is available to vendors performing service and repair work for a UC Berkeley department. Service/Repair permit holders may only park in designated service/repair spaces. This permit is available as a monthly permit requiring renewal stickers each month or as a daily scratch-off permit.  To apply for a service/repair permit please contact P&T at

Facilities Services

There are marked spaces for facilities services vehicles throughout campus. These spaces are for the use of designated facilities services vehicles only; non-facilities services vehicles and other campus permit holders will be cited if parked in these spaces. 


UC Berkeley departments and campus vendors are eligible for campus loading/unloading permits. These permits allow parking in loading zones for up to 45 minutes.  Please visit the Parking and Transportation office with verification of the department(s) being serviced and a business card or other business identification to request a loading/unloading permit.