Directions for Registering at WageWorks

(Updated 6/15/21)

Transition to Virtual Permits and New Permit Rates: Effective 7/1/21, most annual employee permits (and all remaining student permits) will transition to virtual permits, which are paperless and stickerless.  Employee carpool permits will continue to be sold online and in-person to allow carpool parking space access.

Payroll Deductions/2021-2022 Parking Permits: Permits will go on sale in mid-June.  Click here for WageWorks Cancellation and Renewal information.

Please check back soon for instructions on how enroll in the pre-tax payroll deduction program for both annual permits and short-term daily permits.

Payroll Deduction Campus Annual Permit Transition from WageWorks: Effective 7/1/21, payroll deductions for campus annual parking permits (e.g., C, F, H, etc.) will transition from WageWorks to our My P&T Online parking portal.  As part of this transition, ALL WageWorks orders for campus annual parking permits will expire on 6/10/21 and be cancelled.  ALL campus annual parking permit holders will need to re-enroll in payroll deduction through My P&T Online when FY 2021-2022 parking permits go on sale in mid-June.

AC Transit Fare Update - Fare collection will resume on Monday 10/19/20.  Because the Employee EasyPass program was suspended this semester, essential employees who commute to campus on AC Transit can order Clipper Cash and Monthly Passes through WageWorks (see instructions below).  Parking & Transportation will provide a $10.00 monthly subsidy for transit orders of $30.00 or more.  Orders placed by the next deadline (6/10/21) will be available for use the following month (July).

Free Clipper Card: Transit Benefit Program Clipper Card Request Form

Clipper START Program: Save on San Francisco Bay Area transit

Clipper START is a pilot program to provide single-ride discounts to eligible low-income riders.  Participants can receive:

  • 50% discount on Caltrain, Muni, SamTrans, SF Bay Ferry, Golden Gate Transit and Ferry, Marin Transit, and the SMART train.
  • 20% discount on BART, AC Transit, County Connection, Wheels, WestCAT, Tri Delta Transit, Union City Transit, VTA, Sonoma County Transit, Petaluma Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus, VINE, FAST, and City Coach.

UC Berkeley has partnered with WageWorks to manage your commuter benefit elections, including alternative transportation and parking, through payroll deduction.

Sign Up Instructions:

The WageWorks website is at

WageWorks Instructions (in PDF format).  Please note the following change:

  • ID Code: For most employees, enter the last four digits of your 8-digit UCPath (new ID) number.  If you receive a "No Match" message, then enter the last four digits of your 9-digit HCM (old ID) number.


1. From, click on "Log In/Register" then choose "Employee Registration"

2. Click "NEXT" after reviewing the steps to register for online access:

3. Fill in the required identity information:

  • Date of Birth: Enter "12/31" (and not your actual birthdate)
  • Home Zip Code: Enter your home zip code (that is on file in UCPath).
  • ID Code: For most employees, enter the last four digits of your 8-digit UCPath (new ID) number.  If you receive a "No Match" message, then enter the last four digits of your 9-digit HCM (old ID) number.

4.Click "NEXT"

5. Once authenticated, provide your contact information, including your mailing address, and create a user name and password.

6. Accept the User Agreement and you will be taken to the Welcome Page

7. Once logged in, select the Commuter Tab

To Submit Parking Order:

1. On your dashboard, click on "Change or Cancel"

2. Click on "Place Commuter Order".

3. Select "Parking".

4. Click "Next"

5. Click "Next" - DO NOT CHOOSE WORK LOCATION!  (see below image)  If you cannot bypass, choose 2150 Kittredge Street, Berkeley, CA.

6. Select what parking permit you would like to order (options are A - G) from the scroll down menu located on the bottom left of screen.  DO NOT click on the map to make selection

7. You will be provided the information shown below.  Click "Next".

8. Last step.  Review your order and click "Submit Order".

Please note:  

Once you submit your order you will come to the Parking and Transportation office located at 1995 University Ave, Suite 110 to pick up your permit. Prior to coming in you must create your parking account using this link My P&T Online. You will create your parking account, provide us with your information and add your vehicles.

You must submit your order by the 10th of the month to have an order for the following benefit month. When you come to the office you will pay a pro-rated amount upfront dependent on what your benefit month is.

If you need to cancel your permit you can return your permit along with a cancellation form to our office.  To cancel for the current benefit month, you must cancel by the 10th of the month.  Click here for online cancellation information

Any questions email

** EasyPass enrollments are suspended for the 2021-2022 academic year **

** (SUSPENDED) For Clipper Card (EasyPass):

1. Select “AC Transit”
2. Select “Employer Pass”
3. Click on “Next”
4. Confirm your mailing address and click “Next”
5. Confirm your order by clicking “Order 

Come to the P&T Office to have staff take a photo and fill out the Release Form.  Easy Pass Card will be mailed within 10-15 days once CS staff processes your order.

For Parking Permit:

1. Select your desired permit type
2. Enter the requested information and click “Next”
3. Confirm your mailing address and click “Next”
4. Confirm your order by clicking “Confirm”

Pick up permit from the Parking and Transportation office.  There will be a pro-rate on permit depending on the benefit start month.


If you have forgotten your username and/or password, you can start the reset process by clicking the "Forgot" link and following the prompts until you reach the "Identify Yourself" box.

If you have forgotten your username (which for most people is "firstnamelastname"), click the "Forgot Username" button first and you'll get a different set of questions.

  • For all employees, please enter "12/31" as your "Date of Birth".
  • For your "ID Code", first enter the last four digits of your new 8-digit UCPath ID number.
  • If you have an existing order, select the "Online" method.  If you don't have an existing order (or if the "Online" method fails), select the "Email" method.