Flixbus: Regional Buses

Affordable travel throughout California and beyond, Flixbus offers students:

  • Entertainment on-board
  • Free wifi
  • A Student Discount
  • Simple ticket purchasing, online and through the FlixBus mobile app (Android and iPhone)

Where can I board FlixBus?

Simple: At the Li Ka Shing - West Crescent - Crescent Lawn, located at the BerkBus terminal (Oxford at Addison).

When does the FlixBus Arrive and Depart from UC Berkeley?

Due to fluctuations in the schedule (schedule changes, additions, modifications, or deletions), we ask that you go to the FlixBus website, or through the FlixBus App for accurate information. Also: arrival and departure times are subject to delays due to weather, traffic, and boarding conditions along the route.

Are there special discounts available?

Use this link for a 15% discount

  • 15% discount voucher valid for all FlixBus trips
  • Codes are valid until 12/15/2022 for the trips until 12/15/2022 (rides from 11/21/2022 to 11/28/2022 are excluded)
  • Every student can download up to 2 voucher codes until the end of the campaign (12/15/2022)
  • Codes are valid on the FlixBus App and on the www.flixbus.com