Update vehicle information

Update vehicle information online

UC Berkeley employees and students with active permits are required to provide vehicle license plate information and/or update their existing vehicle license plate record annually. This will help decrease citations issued to permit holders that fail to display permits, assist in parking inventory management throughout campus, and allow Parking and Transportation to contact permit holders directly when required (such as when lights are left on or other customer service issues).
Permit holders can update contact information; add, edit, and remove vehicle license plate information; and associate their permits online. 
Please follow the instructions below to edit existing vehicle records, add your new vehicle information, and associate your new permits for the current fiscal year:
  1. Go to My P&T Online and login via CalNet Authentication
  2. Click on Vehicles
  3. View the vehicle(s) associated with your account 
  4. Click Next (a message will display with permits associated with the vehicle)
  5. To update an existing license plate number, click on the license plate number to edit the record. You may also view permits associated with the license plate here. If you are not seeing your permit associated with the existing license plate, hit confirm and the license plate will associate to the active permit on file.
To add a vehicle to your records: 
  1. Select the Add Vehicle button and register your vehicle (add Vehicle License Plate Number, State/Province, Year, Make, Model, Color, and Style). 
  2. Click Next to attach your account to the existing vehicle. This process will associate all active permits to the new vehicle added.
  3. You can also update your mailing address, email, and phone number through the parking account main page.
Permit holders may link a maximum of three vehicle license plates to an active permit. When adding a new license plate, be sure to click on View/Update Vehicle to delete any vehicle that is no longer valid.