Bear Transit Schedules & Maps

Daytime shuttle schedule: Monday-Fridays Only

1. Hill Campus (H-Line)

2. Perimeter Line (P-Line, Around Campus, Uphill on Hearst, Downhill on Bancroft)

3.  Central Campus Line (C-Line, Uphill via Hearst Avenue, Downhill via Memorial Glade to Downtown Berkeley)

4. Reverse Perimeter (R-Line, via Southside, Downhill on Hearst)

° Time intervals may vary throughout the day, particularly on the first and last runs of a service period. Please see the schedule for each route for a complete listing of stop times.

† Passes honored for free shuttle ride: Bear Transit Shuttle Pass; Cal 1 Card ID; EasyPass; Emeriti ID. Community members and the general public who are not affiliated with the campus can ride Bear Transit at the fares listed under each route description.

Requests for unscheduled or off-route stops will not be honored.