Emeriti Parking Permits

Emeriti permit online
Emeriti permit is now available for purchase online.

Transition to Virtual Permits and New Permit Rates: Effective 7/1/21, Emeriti annual and monthly permits will transition to virtual permits, which are paperless and stickerless.  The Emeriti daily permits will continue to be sold in both virtual and paper hangtag formats.

Purchase Online

  • Visit My P&T Online to purchase an Emeriti Annual, Monthly, or Daily Permit.

  • If you are unable to login to My P&T Online, please e-mail prktrans@berkeley.edu to receive a Guest Login or call our office to make a phone payment (below).

Purchase by Mail

Phone Payment

  • Call (510) 643-7701 to renew your permit and pay with a credit card.
  • Emeriti Daily parking permits will be mailed to the retiree.


Effective 7/1/22:

Emeriti: $55.00 + $5.50 (tax) = $60.50 per month (or $660.00 + $66.00 tax = $726.00/year, prorated according to the date of purchase)

Emeriti ('C' daily permit): $4.00 + $0.40 (tax) = $4.40 each


Emeriti permits are valid in C, F, and S parking lots, subject to posted signs.  After 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and all day weekends, emeriti permit holders may park in carpool spaces in any lot.