Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQs

"My Clipper Card is Malfunctioning."

For Lost/Stolen**/Damaged/Defective cards with no funds
Visit the Parking and Transportation office at 1995 University Avenue, Suite #110 with your Cal1 Card. 

  • Fill out the Student EasyPass replacement form and pay a $25 replacement fee. Pick up your new card at the same office and re-register it online at the Clipper Card Website. Please note that the pass on your previous card will be deactivated.
  • For Lost/Stolen**/Damaged/Defective cards with funds: Call Clipper at 1-877-878-8883 to cancel your card, they will send a new one to the Parking and Transportation office. You can pick it up with a valid Cal1 ID card and the $25 replacement fee.
  • If your Clipper Card is lost or stolen, the replacement fee is $25 unless you provide a police report in which case the fee is waived. Replacement cards can be picked up at Parking and Transportation office.

"How do I get to Richmond Field Station?"

Due to the discontinuation of the RFS Line, passengers are asked to take the following AC Transit alternatives from Richmond or El Cerrito BART Stations:

Service between UC Berkeley and El Cerrito is provided by Line 79 and Line 52 to 72/M/R (Weekends).

  • Line 71 from El Cerrito Plaza or Richmond BART to Carlson & Santa Clara. Walk 1 mile West.
  • Line 74 from RIchmond BART to Marina Bay Dr. and Jetty. Walk 1 mile East.

Real-time information is available on Transit App, Moovit, CityMapper, or Apple & Google Maps.

"Can I use BART with my Student EasyPass"

Yes, because your card comes on a Clipper Card. However, BART fares are not included as part of your Student EasyPass fee. You must add money either through the BART Station or the Clipper Mobile App.

Please read the alert if you choose to purchase paper tickets.

"What's the Class Pass and Do I have to Pay for it?"

Each student is required to pay a $105 semesterly ClassPass fee included in their tuition, which is broken down by the following: 

  • $48.00 for the AC Transit Student EasyPass

  • $22.00 for Bear Transit - Daytime and Nighttime Shuttle Service

  • $35.00 for a Campus Fee Mandate for Financial Aid

(Students in certain graduate, online-only programs are exempt from this fee and are ineligible for the benefits of the Class Pass*) 

The fee provides for an AC Transit Class Pass, which students may use for unlimited rides on AC Transit buses and Bear Transit shuttles. Please visit the UCB Parking and Transportation website for detailed information about the AC Transit Class Pass

“What is the Loop?”

The LOOP is a golf cart that provides intra-campus rides for eligible faculty, staff, and students with disabilities on a first-come, first-served basis. This service was created to assist persons with mobility disabilities (including temporary disability as a result of injury) and visual impairments. The Loop only operates on the core campus. More information can be found at

Having trouble using the app to request a ride?

If you’re already approved by Loop services and are having trouble with the Loop app, please call 510-219-6981 to contact dispatch for a ride.

“What is Clipper START Program?”

Launched in 2020, the Clipper Start Program is a pilot fare discount program providing eligible single riders fare discounts on a variety of San Francisco Bay Area Transit Agencies.

Participants can receive:

  • 50% discount on Caltrain, MUNI, Golden Gate Transit and Ferry, San Francisco Bay Ferry
  • 20% discount on BART
  • Other agencies may be discounted. For more information, check

Go to to create your profile and start your application today

Is there a student discount on Bart tickets?

No. P&T has phased out the BART Ticket Program in 2018-19. Please read this alert 

What if I don't cancel my permit or Easy Pass before the 10th?

If you miss this deadline and return after the 10th, deductions will discontinue the for the following month; and there is no cash refund available for the interim period.

Do I have to pay for a replacement permit?

Yes, there is a $35 replacement fee for each lost permit.

What if I lost my permit?

You must fill out the lost replacement permit form. We will deactivate your lost permit and issue a new permit or cancel.

How do I cancel my parking permit?

All permit cancellations must be submitted in person at the Parking and Tranportation office.  If you have payroll deduction you must return the permit no later than 10th of the month to cancel for the current month.


“What is the Clipper BayPass Pilot?”

The Clipper BayPass is a pilot program, launched in 2022, which randomly distributed all-access clipper cards to students at selected universities, including Berkeley. These cards provide selected students with unlimited free access to all Bay Area transit using the Clipper system, including AC Transit, Bart, Muni, and much more.

This is a pilot program designed to test the new pass and to understand how Berkeley students travel, and surveying the impacts of mode split. Therefore, the Clipper BayPass was being distributed to a randomly selected group of students. We will not be able to accommodate those who would like to participate, as much as it was recommended by staff.

The pilot is funded in part of the 2020 recovery bill and directive by the MTC's Recovery Task Force. The ask and the scope of the pilot only restricts the campus to 12,000 cards (effectively 30% of the student population, including incoming first years and grad students – essentially any student who pays the $105 campus fee is eligible for the pass).

P&T lobbied for more cards, or at least within the initial 12,000 that we can allow for a subset with Administrator approval (i.e. those with financial hardship, disabled students, long-distance commuters). Unfortunately, we couldn't pull it off and would only manage the 12,000 that were given to us.

Class Pass holders will still have the AC Transit benefit, regardless of the status of the BayPass benefit. We are not accepting Applications or requests for new cards.

While we have spent the last few years listening to your requests for better transit options for the campus, including discounted BART fares and access to other agencies. This pilot program is the first step to achieve that, and hopefully will be available to all students at little or no additional costs. For more information, visit