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General FAQs

Select Budget Year for Annual Permit Renewal!!!

When is my permit processed if I select This Budget Year vs. Next Budget Year?

When placing order, be sure to select the budget year to charge for permits.

If you select "Charge to Next Budget Year", your order will be processed after July 1.

If you select "Charge to Current Budget Year", your permit order will be processed before June 30th.

Is there a student discount on Bart tickets?

No. P&T has phased out the BART Ticket Program in 2018-19. Please read this alert 

Can I receive the $10 per month transit subsidy if I have an Easy Pass?

No, EasyPass holders are not eligible for any monthly subsidy on purchases of other transit tickets.

What if I don't cancel my permit or Easy Pass before the 10th?

If you miss this deadline and return after the 10th, deductions will discontinue the for the following month; and there is no cash refund available for the interim period.

Do I have to pay for a replacement permit?

Yes, there is a $35 replacement fee for each lost permit.

What if I lost my permit?

You must fill out the lost replacement permit form. We will deactivate your lost permit and issue a new permit or cancel.

How do I cancel my parking permit?

All permit cancellations must be submitted in person at the Parking and Tranportation office.  If you have payroll deduction you must return the permit no later than 10th of the month to cancel for the current month.

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