Administration of the Class Pass Fee.

This $95.00 per semester mandatory fee is assessed of all students, broken down by the following:
  • $44.00 for the AC Transit Student EasyPass
  • $19.33 for Bear Transit - Daytime and Nighttime Shuttle Service
  • $31.67 for a Campus Fee Mandate for Financial Aid
(Students in certain graduate, online only programs are exempt from this fee and are ineligible for the benefits of the Class Pass*) 
The fee provides for an AC Transit Class Pass, which students may use for unlimited rides on AC Transit buses and Bear Transit shuttles. Please visit the UCB Parking and Transportation website for detailed information about the AC Transit Class Pass.
*The only programs exempt are:
  • MICS - Master of Information and Cybersecurity
  • MIDS - Master of Information and Data Science (Including 5th year participants - undergrads are still eligible)
  • MASIC - Master of Advanced Study in Integrated Circuits
  • OOMPH - Online Master of Public Health
  • Hybrid-LLM - Master of Laws 
  • MSSE -  Master of Molecular Science and Software.
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