Student BayPass Pilot Program

BayPass Pilot Update

Emails have been sent to participants on August 18th. We are not accepting requests for applications or participation at this time.

Beginning this year, UC Berkeley will be participating in a pilot program that is being run by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). The aim of this program is to gain a better understanding of Berkeley students' travel behaviors.

What services will the Clipper BayPass cover?

The Clipper BayPass will allow access to all bus, rail, and ferry services in the 9-county San Francisco Bay Area that accept Clipper (listed at right) for no charge beyond the existing cost of the EasyPass (paid through student fees). Please review the agencies on your right that will accept your pass.

When will the project start, and how long will it last?

The Clipper BayPass will go into effect on or around August 26, 2022. It will automatically appear on the student’s existing (or newly issued) EasyPass Clipper card, and the student will not have to do anything to get the upgrade. The Clipper BayPass upgrade will continue to be available through the 2022-23 and 2023-2024 academic years if the student remains enrolled at UC Berkeley. Students should register their Clipper Cards on the ClipperCard website or app to monitor when the passes are loaded. P&T cannot review when cards are officially uploaded; students should contact Clipper if they have any problems.

When can I use my BayPass?

Users who were notified of their selection will have their Clipper BayPass installed on or before August 26, 2022 (some users were notified that their passes will be online by September 5, 2022). Users are asked to register their cards through and monitor their cards online (P&T will not do it for them).

Until the BayPasses are installed, students will need to put money on their Clipper Cards if they choose to ride a non-AC Transit mode (including BART). P&T will not issue refunds for trips made. Please review the email that P&T has sent on August 18th or August 20th for further guidance.

Who will receive the pass upgrade and how are those people chosen?

12,000 UC Berkeley students will receive the Clipper BayPass (approximately 1 out of 3.6 enrolled students). Student ID numbers will be randomly selected by Student Affairs. Students who are not randomly selected for the Clipper BayPass will continue to have the standard EasyPass, which provides free access to AC Transit.

How will I know if I have been selected to receive the Clipper BayPass?

All enrolled students will receive an email notification from Parking & Transportation on August 18, 2022 on their enrollment into the Clipper BayPass Program on or before September 5, 2022 (Some individuals did receive an email from P&T about enrollment on August 20, 2022, in which their passes will be uploaded during the first week of September). Please review the email in your inbox or spam folders. - P&T does not have details pertaining to individual passes.

What will be studied and how will the information be used?

Bay Area public transit agencies such as BART and AC Transit and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission will use information collected during the pilot project to study how the Clipper BayPass affects how much people use public transit and what services they ride. This research will be based on information generated by the Clipper System, as well as through student surveys. Findings from the study will inform the development, pricing, and implementation of future institutional pass products.

How will my privacy be protected?

As with the existing EasyPass program, all data generated through the pilot project will be handled in accordance with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Clipper Privacy Policy, FERPA, and other applicable university policies.

What if I lose my pass or it stops working?

Questions about replacing lost or malfunctioning cards can be directed to UC Berkeley’s Parking and Transportation department, who will be supported by the program’s project management team and Clipper staff as necessary. For passes that are not operational, you will need to visit the Parking & Transportation office at UC Berkeley (1995 University Avenue, first floor) during normal business hours.

Can I share this pass with my family or friends?

No. The pass should only be used by the students selected for this program and any violators will be removed from the program. The pilot will inform development of a more permanent institutional pass product, which will be more broadly available. Sharing or selling passes is a violation of the User Agreement between the pass holder, UC Berkeley, and AC Transit and may be subject to revocation of the pass, a fine, and referral to Student Affairs.

Is use of this pass restricted to commuting to/from school?

The pass enables unlimited travel on all Bay Area transit services, and participants are encouraged to use it for all travel needs. We encourage pass users to utilize the Clipper BayPass for all trips, even outside of commuting times.

Will I have to pay an additional cost for the Clipper BayPass? 

No. The pass is covered by your Class Pass fee.

Why are some people getting the pass and not others?

This is a pilot program designed to test the new pass and to understand how Berkeley students travel. Therefore, now, the Clipper BayPass is being distributed to a randomly selected group of students.

While we have spent the last few years listening to your requests for better transit options for the campus, including discounted BART fares and access to other agencies. Parking & Transportation lobbied BART and MTC on behalf of the campus community to have all students partake in the pass, or to have selected groups be able to obtain the pass.

P&T was not successful in providing passes to the entire campus, mainly due to the funding available and the other program’s partners and their populations (SF State, SJ State, and Santa Rosa Junior College). This pilot program, however, is the first step to achieve an affordable and scalable regional transit pass, and hopefully will be available to all students at little or no additional cost in the future.

If I do not receive the Clipper BayPass, will I still be able to use my current AC Transit Student EasyPass?

Yes. If you are not selected to receive the new pass, you can continue to use your existing AC Transit Student EasyPass, which will allow you to travel on all AC Transit routes in the East Bay. Details about the Student EasyPass are here.

If affordability is an issue, we ask that you review and apply for the Clipper START program, which is a discounted fare program for those who need to take transit. Applicants (you must live in the Bay Area and meet federal income guidelines) will receive a second Clipper Card in the mail (which cannot be combined with EasyPasses).

How long will I have the Clipper BayPass?

If you receive the Clipper BayPass, you will have it for two years.

What if I currently have an existing AC Transit EasyPass?
The Clipper BayPass will be a no-cost add on that will be included with your pass.

What happens if I lose my pass?
The procedures for lost or stolen cards will be the same as before the launch of the pilot with the Student EasyPass. 

We require that replacement cards are done with the UC Berkeley Parking and Transportation Department. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30-4:00pm at 1995 University Avenue. A new card will be issued to you (included with the Clipper BayPass if you were selected to participate), subject to existing card replacement fees. 

How can I ensure that I can advocate for all students (and the campus community) to receive the Clipper BayPass in the future?

Parking and Transportation Staff oversees two advocacy groups focused on improving transit access for the campus at large. We encourage you to inquire about these two programs: 

  • The Class Pass Oversight Committee (CPOC) focuses on efforts to improve AC Transit and Bear Transit services as mandated by the Student Class Pass Fee.
  • The Mobility and Equity Committee (MEC) focuses its efforts on all modes of transportation, not limited to AC Transit, to enhance and improve transit for all UC affiliates.. 

Should you have additional questions, please email us at to help assist. We look forward to seeing you on the bus this year