Free Commencement Shuttles & ADA Golf Carts

Free Commencement Shuttles

Free shuttles are available on the day of the Campuswide Commencement for travel between Downtown Berkeley, parking lots, and California Memorial Stadium. For ADA patrons, Golf Cart service is available from shuttle drop-offs to the Stadium Gates.

Service Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 13, 2023

A downloadable Campuswide Ceremony Parking & Shuttle Map (PDF) is also available.

Northside/BART Shuttle

Northside/BART Shuttle

Southside Shuttle (Non-ADA)

Southside Shuttle

Southside ADA Shuttle (ADA Only)

Southside ADA Shuttle

Free ADA Golf Carts

For ADA patrons only, free ADA Golf Cart service is available for transportation around the Stadium area during Campuswide Commencement. Please note that pre-Commencement and post-Commencement service differs.

Pre-Commencement Service

Pre-Commencement Service

Pick-Up Locations: 

  • Hearst Greek Theatre (Northside/BART Shuttle Drop-Off)
  • Kroeber Plaza (Uber/Lyft Drop-Off)
  • Gate 4/International House (Southside Shuttle Drop-Off)
  • Gate 6/Prospect Court (Southside ADA Shuttle Drop-Off)

Drop-Off Locations: See Stadium Map

Post-Commencement Service

Post-Commencement Service

Pick-Up Locations

  • Gate 1/Gridiron
  • Gate 4/International House
  • Gate 6/Prospect Court
  • Gate 8/Rimway South
  • Gate 10/Rimway North

Drop-Off Locations:

  • Hearst Greek Theatre (Northside/BART Shuttle Pick-Up)
  • Gate 4/International House (Southside Shuttle Pick-Up)
  • Kroeber Plaza (Uber/Lyft Pick-Up)