** EasyPass enrollments are suspended until further notice. Employees are recommended to register with wageworks and purchase monthly passes with our $10 subsidy **

EasyPass for employees is a discounted AC Transit pass offered to all employees.  

  • Employees get unlimited access on all AC Transit lines - Local or Transbay. 
  • Save 50% to 80% over regular ticket price.  Your EasyPass loaded onto a Clipper Card pays for itself after 10 roundtrip local rides in a month (or sooner when riding Transbay lines).
  • Use WageWorks to purchase the pass pre-tax and save more, then come to the office to fill our the EasyPass Release Form to have your picture taken for the Clipper Card.
EasyPass for Employees   Payment Method Annual Cost
EasyPass $44/month (Sign up on WageWorks.com) $528/pro-rated (if paid in with credit card/cash/check)
EasyPass+ Annual Parking Permit Holders Only  $264 (must pay upfront credit card/cash/check)

EasyPass Enrollment

When you have received your Employee EasyPass, download the user guide for additional information.

EasyPass Cancellation:

Cancel your EasyPass by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete the EasyPass Cancellation Form.
  2. Return the form, along with your EasyPass, to the Parking and Transportation Office.

If you are paying by Payroll Deduction, your deductions will be canceled when the form and pass are received.

Be sure to cancel your Pass before the 10th of the month to ensure that deductions discontinue immediately. If you miss this deadline, deductions will discontinue the following month; and there is no cash refund available for the interim period.

If you have prepaid for the year by credit card, your card will be credited for the remaining value.

If you have prepaid for the year by cash or check, you will receive a check for the remaining value. It takes 3 to 6 weeks for the refund check to be delivered to your home address.

Who can buy Easy Pass?

Faculty, staff, post-doctorates, visiting scholars, and other select UC employees are eligible to participate in the EasyPass program. We just need to verify your employment status. If current employment information is not available, you must ask a Payroll representative to complete and sign an Employment Verification Form

Complete the EasyPass Form.

How do I pay?

You can buy the EasyPass only in the P&T Customer Services office.

If you are a full time/career employee or on casual employment status through the end of the fiscal year, you can have the EasyPass fee deducted from your paycheck. You can enroll in the automatic payroll deduction payment method through WageWorks.  The monthly fee will be deducted from your paycheck each month. For more information, please visit the Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction Payments section.

What if I lose my EasyPass?

If you need a replacement for lost, damage or theft, call Clipper Card Customer Service: 1.877-878-8883 and let them know that you are a UC Berkeley Easy Pass Participant. Note: Clipper may charge a replacement fee. You will be responsible for commute expenses until you receive your replacement card.

Additional FAQS

Q. I live outside the AC Transit East Bay service district — can I buy an EasyPass?
A. Yes. All employees, regardless of where they live, can buy a EasyPass.

Q. Can visiting scholars or post-doctorates purchase a EasyPass?
A. Yes. Select university affiliates are eligible. Contact P&T office to be sure. You must have a valid Cal ID Card to enroll.

Q. What payment methods can I use for purchase?
A. Participants eligible for payroll deduction will be required to pay by enrolling in WageWorks, which provides pre-tax benefits; all others pay up-front for the year by cash, check or credit card.

Q. How long can I use the EasyPass?
A. The annual Clipper Card (TransLink) is valid from July 1st or date of purchase through June 30 each year.

Q. Can I purchase the EasyPass with pre-tax dollars?
A. Yes. Employees purchasing a EasyPass on payroll deduction will pay with pre-tax dollars. Depending on your tax bracket, pre-tax payment provides a 12–46% savings off the already discounted price.

Q. If I enroll in the EasyPass Program, can I still purchase transit tickets and receive the $10 per month transit subsidy?
A. EasyPass holders are not eligible for any monthly subsidy on purchases of other transit tickets.

If you are enrolled in the pre-tax transit payroll deduction program you still have the option to purchase transit tickets with the pre-tax benefit.

Q. Can I apply the $10 per month transit subsidy toward my EasyPass?
A. No. EasyPass is already subsidized, so additional subsidies are not available.

Q. What if I only need the EasyPass for part of the year?
A. Some employees use different transportation methods during the year. For example, some employees commute by bus during the rainy season and bicycle the rest of the time. While the EasyPass is an annual transit pass (valid June–July), the fee is pro-rated monthly. Employees in the above circumstance could purchase the EasyPass during the rainy season and cancel the pass when primarily commuting by bicycle, paying only for the months used.

Q. If I enroll in the EasyPass Program, can I still keep or purchase a parking permit?
A. Yes. You can have a parking permit AND a EasyPass.

Q. Is there a discounted EasyPass price for senior or disabled employees?
A. No.

Q. Where can I get information on AC Transit bus routes and coverage?
A. www.actransit.org or www.511.org.