BikeShare Comes to Berkeley

This year, UC Berkeley is proud to bring bikesharing onto campus. Students, Faculty, and Staff can now utilize one more new option to not only travel around campus (door-to-door), but could also explore the Bay Area.

Ford GoBike

With over 3,000 bikes in 250+ stations, Ford GoBike is the regional BikeShare System desgined to connect Berkeley with four other cities (Oakland, Emeryville, San Francisco and San Jose). Using Ford GoBike is simple:

Student Memberships

  • Students can participate in a month-to-month program for $13/Month
  • EOP Students can obtain a $5 membership for free (and $5/month after one year). Contact your EOP Counselor for more details

Staff and Faculty Memberships

  • Staff can purchase their own memberships through the Ford GoBike website for $149/year or $14.90/Month
  • Corporate memberships for Staff and Faculty members are currently unavailable (beyond existing departmental agreements). Staff and faculty members interested in participating must contact their department chair or representative and they must contact Dave Sorrell, TDM Administrator, in Parking and Transportation for further instructions in participating. 

Jump Mobility (Dockless System)

UC Berkeley has teamed up with JUMP Mobility to bring electric-assisted, dockless bikes to the UC Campus. On November 1, we have piloted six red JUMP Bikes between the Campus and University Village in Albany. Registration:

  • Only available to members of the Berkeley community (with an address). 
  • Your membership includes 60-minutes of free riding time per day, and costs $1 per 15 minutes after that.
  • The bikes come with a lock for easy secure in our existing bike racks.
  • JUMP bikes are required to be locked within the system area.
  • Safety rules and regulations, on city streets and the UC Berkeley Campus still apply.
  • Homezone access includes the UC Berkeley Central Campus and University Village only

In Spring 2018 we will expand our program to include 100 bikes and an expanded home base. Remember to download the app to determine which places to access both Bikes and racks online!

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