Student EasyPass Users and Clipper Card App

April 19, 2021

The new Clipper Card App, recently released to the iPhone over the previous weekend of April 16 2021.

Additional questions should be emailed to us at Parking & Transportation

If a user transfers their physical card to their digital one (in this case, an iPhone), the physical card is automatically turned off. This may cause a disruption to the EasyPass User should something happen to their phones.

  • Student EasyPass users are asked not to transfer their physical cards to the mobile app until further notice.
  • If you a Berkeley Employee, the Employee EasyPass continues to be suspended.

Student EasyPass Users who are unsure if their EasyPasses are operating normally

Please visit the P&T office at 1995 University Avenue to verify that your cards are tagging normally.

Hours are dependent on the week, which can be found here (at the bottom of the page). We are currently not open on Fridays.

Other Questions for EasyPass or Mobile App Users

Miscellaneous Q&A on Boarding our buses with apps
Q: Outside of AC Transit EasyPass rides, how does the general public access the bus using the Clipper phone app which is really a Clipper card on a transit payment app?
A: Rider can tag any Clipper reader at the front (or back of the bus when there is a reader for all-door boarding); Clipper phone apps require a Clipper reader.
Q: What about Token Transit?
A: Token Transit has no Clipper card reader requirement, but the rider must board the front of the bus to show the Operator the phone's Token Transit screen with the date/fare/pulsing circle. 

AC Transit recommends that students use the AC Transit phone app for operations such as checking on bus capacity or bus arrival; but, for other transit agency rides, Token Transit, or the Clipper iPhone app (other phone models later) could be used.  


Tagging Options 

For EasyPass: 

Must tag a Clipper reader (front or back if available); the adult-fare card is fare medium, so any discount passes must be based upon adult fare; get EasyPass through Parking & Transportation.

For Token Transit (non-EasyPass rides): 

Must show Operator (board front of bus always); can be used for multiple discount fares, except for institutional fares like EasyPass; download the app from AC Transit and other sites.

For Clipper iPhone (non-EasyPass rides): 

Must tag a Clipper reader; accepts multiple discount fares, except for institutional fares like EasyPass; iPhone 8 or newer, Apple Watch Series 3 or newer, and the latest versions of iOS and watchOS respectively to use Clipper in Apple Wallet; Wallet application needs to be active, the card selected, and the passcode entered ahead of use; Call Clipper if issue and don’t give phone to Operator to view or assist. 

For all Clipper users (Clipper Card, EasyPass Card, or Clipper iPhone apps): 

Tag Clipper reader upon boarding at front of bus (or rear if there is a reader)

Riders using cash, paper pass or mobile payment options must board at the front of the bus.