About Parking and Transportation

About P&T

The UC Berkeley Parking and Transportation Department provides a full range of parking and transportation services, serving a diverse community of more than 42,000 students and 11,000 faculty and staff in the City of Berkeley, at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Vision

In support of the University's core academic and public service mission, Parking and Transportation is dedicated to delivering transportation systems that complement long-term growth and development, and enhance and protect the physical attributes of the campus and surrounding area.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for the UC Berkeley community by providing safe, convenient, and well maintained parking and transportation options, while promoting and facilitating alternative modes of transportation.

Our Goals

  • Provide professional and highly responsive customer service
  • Ensure and facilitate vehicular access to the campus
  • Furnish sufficient parking to meet the needs of the growing campus community
  • Engage in proactive planning and development to support the university's long term plan
  • Forge cooperative partnerships with university and city departments to effect positive change
  • Enable responsible, effective, and efficient use of revenue and resources
  • Maintain optimal condition and safety of campus vehicles, roads, and facilities
  • Disseminate accurate and timely information 
  • Administer parking enforcement to protect the parking privileges of permit holders and visitors
  • Implement sustainable transportation alternatives to reduce vehicle congestion and promote clean air
  • Promote continuous improvement of systems, processes, and procedures

Our Future

The Department of Parking & Transportation and the Office of Physical and Environmental Planning partnered to commission a study to assess future parking demand and supply for the Berkeley campus. Below you will find the Parking and Transportation Demand Management Master Plan. We will be using this plan to help guide our strategic decisions for the future and specifically to try and answer the question: how do we mitigate the projected loss of parking over the next 10 years?