Permit Rates and Rules

Below is a list of parking permits and transit passes that qualify for Intercampus Order Charge, effective 7/1/21:

Permit and Transit List

Rates Permit Type
Visitor Faculty/Staff Daily $12.00 Daily
Student Daily $10.00 Daily
NW daily $10.00 Daily
Visitor Central Campus Daily $16.00 Daily
Construction Daily Scratcher Hangtag $20.00 Daily
Emeriti Daily $4.00 Daily
Hill Daily (Botanical Garden) $3.00 Daily
Hill Daily $8.00 Daily
Construction Monthly Permit $202.00 Monthly
University Vehicle $1,956.00 Annual
Department Pool $1,956.00 Annual
Department loading/unloading $161.00 Annual
Department Reserve Annual $2,952.00 Annual
24 Administrative fee (one time per space fee required) $587.00 Annual
Senior Green $9.00 BART
HV Bart $45.00                           BART
BEAR Transit 20-Ride Booklet $20.00    RFS Booklet

For permit rules, restrictions, and eligibility click here.