Cal Football

Public Transportation and Shuttle

Public transportation is highly recommended on football game days.  Game day shuttles offer transportation to Memorial Stadium from the downtown Berkeley BART station and nearby campus locations. For help with trip planning or real-time traffic information visit or call 511.

For information on the game schedule, visit the Cal Bears Athletics site.

Shuttle Details and Routes

Transit will provide access between the North Side of the Campus, the BART station, the Hill, and the South Side. Service will begin two hours before the game tp to one hour after kickoff. Free service for all, however, return srvice from the game will be limited.

Campus Permit Holders

Parking for annual campus permit holders: 

During football games there are a limited number of parkings paces available to annual permit holders. Please note that Daily Scratch-off tags are NOT valid on game days. 

For central campus (C) permit holders only: 

For central campus (C), faculty/staff (F), student (S), or night/weekend (N/W) permit holders: 

Football Permit Holders

On game days most campus parking areas are made available only to Football permit holders. Vehicles not displaying a football permit are subject to citation and towing. To purchase a Football parking permit, contact the athletics department at 1-800-GO-BEARS (1-800-462-3277). 

Access to Centennial Drive is interrupted approximately 2.5 hours prior to home football games. Parking lots located east of Memorial Stadium, in the hill area along Centennial Drive can still be accessed from the east using the following directions: 

  • Start at Hearst Avenue and Oxford Street.
  • Head east on Hearst Avenue toward Euclid Avenue. 
  • Turn left on Euclid Avenue.  
  • Stay on Euclid Avenue for approximately 1.5 miles until you reach Marin Avenue. 
  • Turn right onto Marin Avenue. 
  • Turn right at the top of the hill onto Grizzly Peak Boulevard. 
  • Travel for approximately 1 mile, then turn right onto Centennial Drive. 
  • Parking is available at the Lawrence Hall of Science parking lot and at other posted lots along Centennial Drive. 

See our parking map for parking lot locations. 

There is no RV parking on campus. 

Residence Hall (RH) Parking Relocation

Clark Kerr Campus Northwest lot and Clark Kerr Campus Southwest lot are closed to RH permit holders during home football games.

All Clark Kerr Campus Residence Hall permit holders are required to relocate their vehicles to Underhill Garage (entrance on Channing Way between Bowditch Street and College Avenue) by 9:00 p.m. the day before a home football game. 

Vehicles not moved from the CKC Northwest and CKC Southwest lots by 9:00 p.m. the night before a home football game will be subject to citation and/or towning at the owner's expense. 

Vehicles can be returned to the CKC Northwest and Southwest lots after the game ends. 

Public Parking

On campus public parking is avaialbe at:

The following non-UC parking lots and garages offer public parking near campus and in downtown Berkeley.  

ADA Shuttles

P&T operates ADA shuttles that pick up patrons 2 hours before kickoff and until one hour after the football game ends at the following locations: 

  • I-House (Shuttle Drop Off Point)
  • Kroeber Plaza
  • Upper Hearst Garage
  • Boalt Lot
  • North Gate (Lower Hearst)
  • Greek Theater
  • Prospect Court

Post Kick Off Points include:

  • Maxwell Family Field (near Gate 1)
  • Across from Haas School (bottom of Gate 2)
  • I-House Lot (Gates 4 & 5)
  • Prospect Court (Gates 6 & 7)
  • Rimway South (Gate 8)
  • Rimway North (Gate 10)

Transit will also be provided post-game. There will be two buses that pick up at the Greek Theatre and at Bancroft Way. For special needs patrons, there will be two buses at Prospect and at Haas.

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Disabled Parking During Home Games

Go to the disability parking page for more information on UC Berkeley disabled parking policy.  For disabled drivers who are Football permit holders, the Athletics Department has provided disabled spaces in the Stadium Garage and at Witter Lot. 

For more information on purchasing a football permit, or on locating a disabled space on football game days, call the Athletics Department at 1-800-GO-BEARS (1-800-462-3277). 

Charter Bus Parking

Charter buses may park at Eucalyptus Grove, near the West Gate Kiosk.  The onsite attendant can assist and buses can reach this location via University Avenue and Oxford Street, east of Center Street. 

  • The parking fee is $50. We accept cash only. 
  • Please use bills no larger than $20. 
  • For more information, contact Parking and Transportation at (510) 642-5401.