Permit Rates

Annual PermitPrice
Faculty staff annual$115 month
Central campus annual$159 month
Central campus carpool$59 month
Faculty staff carpool$40 month
Hill annual$85 month
Night and weekend annual$60 month
Department Reserve annual$2,892 annual
Loading/Unloading annual$157 annual
Department pool annual$159 month
Emeriti$636 annual
Daily Permit TypeRate
C daily$16
F daily (up to 48 per fiscal year for non permit holders)$6
F daily (Departments or annual permit holders$12
Hill daily$8
Student daily$10
Night and Weekend daily$10
Construction daily$20
C daily emeriti$4
Temporary Monthly PermitRate
Central Campus$166
Night and Weekend$61
Student PermitRate
Student Fall$401
Student Spring$401
Student Summer$329
Student Fall Carpool$143
Student Spring Carpool$143
Student Summer Carpool$143
Student Night and Weekend (none for summer)$120
Residence Hall$1,512/Year