Road Closures on Football Home Game Days

UCPD controls the closure of roads around California Memorial Stadium during Football home game days. 

  • Stadium Rimway will be closed approximately 4 hours prior to each game. 
    • Parking lots located east of Memorial Stadium, in the Hill area along Centennial Drive can still be accessed from the east using the following directions: 

      • Start at Hearst Avenue and Oxford Street.
      • Head east on Hearst Avenue toward Euclid Avenue.
      • Turn left on Euclid Avenue.
      • Stay on Euclid Avenue for approximately 1.5 miles until you reach Marin Avenue.
      • Turn right onto Marin Avenue.
      • Turn right at the top of the hill onto Grizzly Peak Boulevard.
      • Travel for approximately 1 mile, then turn right onto Centennial Drive.
      • Parking is available at the Lawrence Hall of Science Parking Lot and at other posted lots along Centennial Drive.

  • Piedmont Ave will be closed appromixately 2 hours prior to each game.