Student EasyPass for AC Transit

Students! Get your Student Easypass with Parking & Transportation

Your AC Transit Student EasyPass is now electronically loaded onto the the Clipper card!  Registered Students pick up your first Student EasyPass from the Cal 1 Office and take advantage of unlimited rides on AC Trasit buses and Bear Transit Shuttle through out the semester (except Bear Transit RFS line requires an additional fee).

The AC Transit EasyPass is now on a Clipper card.  The primary benefit of this transition to the electronic Student EasyPass on the AC Transit EasyPass is that continuing students will be able to access their ridership privileges without having to stand in long lines each semester to obtain a new sticker.  The card also allows students to load cash value to pay for BART rides and other transit passes in the Bay Area (e.g. Muni, etc.).

For details on rules and regulations of the Student EasyPass, download the free user guide.

Who can get the AC Transit Student EasyPass?

Students who are registered and enrolled in at least one course. Your registration fees must be paid in full (or the first installment paid, if you are on a deferred payment plan), and there should be no blocks on your registration. You can check your registration status on CalCentral and contact support staff at Cal Student Central  with any questions or requests for assistance regarding your registration status. You will need to show your Cal 1 Card photo ID to get your AC Transit Easy Pass.

Where do I pick up my AC Transit Student EasyPass?

Pick up your Clipper Card for AC Transit from the Cal 1 Card office the first time.  All students are required to accept the Clipper Card License Agreement and Privacy Policy by logging into their Cal 1 Card account. Students should log into their Cal 1 Card account  to see if their AC Transit EasyPass is ready for pick up; students should not go to the Cal 1 Card office until their AC Transit EasyPass is ready to pick up.  

  • Students that do not yet have a Cal 1 Card photo ID will need to visit the Cal 1 Card office to be issued their Cal 1 Card before obtaining their AC Transit EasyPass.  The AC Transit EasyPass will not be available immediately for students that did not have a photo on file for the pre-printing of the AC Transit EasyPass.  Students should periodically log into their Cal 1 Card account  for a status update on the availability of their AC Transit EasyPass.  
  • Issuance of the AC Transit EasyPass will be available from the Cal 1 Card office from the start of each academic term through the end of that same academic term.  
  • Lost, Stolen, Damaged, or Defective Student EasyPass on Clipper will be replaced at the Parking and Transportation office.

How do I use my Student EasyPass?

  • AC Transit: Locate the Clipper card reader at the entrance when you board an AC Transit bus
  • Campus Shuttles: just show your Cal 1 card to ride the campus shuttle. 
    (RFS shuttle requires an additional surcharge)

I lost my Student EasyPass!  What do I do?

LOST/STOLEN/DAMAGED/DEFECTIVE cards without other Agency Products:

  • Stop by at the Parking and Transportation office with your valid Cal 1 Card.  

  • Fill out the Student EasyPass Replacement Form

  • Pay a $25.00 replacement fee.

  • Pick-up your replacement card from UCB P&T office. note: The pass on your old card will be deactivated.

  • Register your new replacement card with Clipper Customer Service.


  • If you have loaded other transit fare or products onto your Clipper card, i.e. BART pass, Muni Pass:

  • Call Clipper at 1-877-878-8883 to cancel your card.

  • Clipper will send your new card to the P&T office.

  • Stop by at the P&T office with your valid Cal 1 ID card.
  • Pay a $25 replacement fee and Pick up from P&T office

If your Clipper card was stolen, you must provide P&T with a police report documenting the theft or robbery when making your replacement request.

NOTE: you must register your AC Transit EasyPass Clipper card in order to recover any value other than the AC Transit Student EasyPass.  You may register your EasyPass Clipper card at or by calling 877.878.8883.

Is it mandatory that I get the AC Transit Student EasyPass?

No. However, while it is not mandatory, the Student EasyPass fee is included in the tuition fees for all students and the AC Transit EasyPass is the only way to access unlimited AC Transit ridership privileges.

Can I have a new picture on my AC Transit Student EasyPass?

No. The AC Transit EasyPass Clipper card will feature the same name and picture that is on your Cal 1 Card.

What if I Lost the Student EasyPass that had e-cash value and I do not want the bus pass?

  • Contact Clipper and request for an e-cash balance transfer after you purchase your new Clipper Card ($3 from Walgreens or any other authorized retailer)
  • If you call Clipper for student replacement instead of a ecash transfer Clipper will only process Easy Pass.

How long will I be able to use the AC Transit Student EasyPass Clipper Card?

The unlimited AC Transit bus ridership privileges will remain active for as long as you are registered as a student in good standing.  Once you graduate, the Student EasyPass with unlimited AC Transit ridership privileges will be deactivated but the Clipper card will remain fully functional Clipper card.