Cal Basketball

For information on the Men's Basketball schedule, visit the Cal Bears athletic site. 

Disabled Patrons

Disabled Parking during Home Games 

There are a limited number of disabled spaces available in lots designated for basketball parking for drivers who have both a California State Disabled Placard and a UC Berkeley permit. Please note that a campus permit is required in addition to a state DP placard or license plate. 

Disabled Parking (DP) spaces are located in the following areas:

·         West Gate Area (8)

·         U/Hall West (3)

·         RSF Garage (8)

·         Bancroft/Fulton East (3)

Please note disabled parking is available on a first-come first-serve basis. 

  • State disabled placards or license plates are valid are valid in any disabled parking space if used in conjunction with either a UC Berkeley permits or dispensing machine ticket (DMT). 
  • In the absence of a permit or DMT, Disabled patrons are subject to a citation. DMT’s may be purchased at the closest available dispensing machine. 
  • For disabled drivers who are basketball permit holders, the Athletics Department has provided disabled spaces in the Dwinelle Lot.
  •  For more information on purchasing a Basketball permit, or on locating disabled parking on Men’s Basketball game days, call the Athletics Department at 1-800-GO- BEARS.

Public Parking

Public Parking for Visitors

Paid public parking is available for campus visitors without permits at the following UC controlled lots on weekends and after 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Please note that public parking is not permitted when there is not permitted when there is a sign indicating reserved parking for a special event.

  • Bancroft Structure 
  • University Hall West  
  • West Gate

Public Parking in the City of Berkeley 

Public parking is available in specified municipal, city and privately owned garages and lots at following locations: 

  • Berkeley Way near Shattuck Avenue 
  • Kittredge Street near Fulton Street 
  • Durant Avenue near Telegraph Avenue 
  • Bancroft Way near Bowditch Street

Campus Permit Holders

Annual Permit Holders

  • ‘C’ Annual permits are valid in all Basketball controlled lots.
  •  ‘F’ permits holders who work after the game starts, may remain parked, but if they vacate the lot, they will not be permitted to return to any basketball-controlled lot and must park in a lot accepting ‘F’ permits.

Lots Accepting ‘F’, ‘S’, ‘NW permits and Daily Scratch-off permits are as follows:

·         Bancroft/Fulton West

·         Bancroft Structure

·         Underhill Levels 3 & 4 

·         Genetics Garage

·         West Circle

·         Wickson Road

Reserved Lots for Men's Basketball Permit Holders

The following lots have been reserved for Men’s Basketball Permit Holders:

  • RSF Garage 
  • Bancroft/Fulton East Lot 
  • Banway Lot 
  • Frank Schlessinger 
  • Dwinelle Lot 
  • Genetics Garage 
  • Ellsworth Structure 
  • Underhill Garage