California Clean Air Day - October 4th

October 4, 2023

California Clean Air Day raises awareness about air pollution and the ways we can combat this in our everyday schedule. Every Californian is directly affected by air pollution and when we work together, we can make a significant difference. Universities across the state can come together on Clean Air Day to reduce the amount of pollution they create and start conversations that go beyond your campus. We welcome students and faculty members alike to use the resources below this Clean Air Day.

California Clean Air Day Raffle Contest:

In honor of CA Clean Air Day 2023 on October 4th, we’re holding a raffle to promote environmentally friendly commuting on campus!

To enter:
1. Take the Clean Air California Pledge and commit to living in environmentally friendly ways!

2. Register a day of your car-less trips on the Rideamigos website. Simple to use, and it helps us track our collective impact!

5 entries will be randomly selected after the October 4th deadline to win an I ❤️ Bay Area Transit mug!