Webinar: November 27 - AC Transit Realign and Class Pass Oversight

November 20, 2023

What is Realign

AC Transit and the P&T Class Pass Oversight Committee will present to the committee and the campus at large the proposals set forth by the Transit District, as part of their Realign Project - rightsizing and streamlining service to match demand and travel patters for service. This webinar will largely focus on the services that serves the UC Berkeley Campus (AC Transit Local Lines 6, 7, 12, 18, 36, 51B, 52, 65, 67, 79, 88, and Transbay Lines F, FS, and J). These proposals are involved in a process to analyze and scrutinize for most effieincy and impact to the campus at large.

Please describe the proposals

The first proposal is called the "Balanced Coverage" scenario. Here, the current bus network will remain largely intact, but it will undergo some enhancements to increase the number of riders. These cost-neutral changes prioritize equitable access to hospitals and supermarkets, especially for households that do not own a car. In this design scenario, 20 bus lines are modified to enhance reliability.

In the second scenario called "Frequent Service," the core design principle remains equitable access to jobs, hospitals, and supermarkets. To achieve more frequent bus service, this design involves reducing or eliminating coverage in areas with the lowest ridership and reallocating resources to areas of high demand. As part of this plan, 28 bus lines are modified to enhance reliability.

A third scenario called the "Unconstrained Vision" represents an aspirational proposal, which envisions the bus network's operation supported by new sources of significant funding. This plan introduces on-demand micro-transit or collaboration with transportation network companies in areas where expanding traditional bus lines may not be feasible. This proposal is challenging due to the ongoing financial constraints induced by post-pandemic revenue losses, funding shortfalls, and Bus Operator workforce challenges.

Where can I view the Proposals?

Click Balanced Coverage Scenario and Frequent Service Scenario to access the interactive maps and detailed information for West Contra Costa County, North, Central, and South Alameda County, and Transbay Service.

When are these changes going into effect?

August 2024 at the earliest.