Bear Transit to provide free Transit Royale subscriptions for all riders

March 6, 2024

Bear Transit partners with Transit app to offer upgraded app experience to all customers 

Bear Transit isupgrading all of its riders to Transit Royale, the new subscription in Transit, Bear Transit’s official app. Beginning today, Bear Transit riders will have access to a free Royale subscription, which unlocks additional features, special Bear Transit branding, new customization options, and complete access to the app across the more than 300 cities supported worldwide.

In August 2021, Royale launched in cities where transit agencies had not already chosen Transit as their official or recommended app for riders. Today, Bear Transit joins systems across the country in gifting Royale to all its riders, with more agencies planning announcements in the coming months. On March 6, riders on campus will receive a message in the app informing them that UC Berkeley is upgrading them to Transit Royale, and they will immediately be able to access the subscription’s additional features.

With Royale, riders have access to power features such as customizable themes, personalized emojis that allow riders to become celebrities on their local bus line, and leaderboards for users competing to help the most riders with Transit’s GO crowdsourcing feature. 

This partnership also unlocks the special ability for riders to switch the app icon and theme to match Bear Transit’s branding – offering riders a world-class mobile app experience that is at once universal and locally-branded.  

Through Royale, Bear Transit is partnering with Transit to provide a world-class app experience free of privacy-invading advertising.

"It's important that the 55,000-plus community and beyond that visit UC Berkeley should not have barriers to access trip planning and access to real-time information," says David Sorrell, Transportation Demand Management Administrator. "We seek to adhere to our equity plan by experimenting with new ways to connect our communities through any means; and as an early adopter of Transit when first launched in 2012, I fell in love with it and would want to share that love to our Bear Transit riders as well."

For information on using Transit App, follow this link!