Permit Types

2016-17 Rates

Central Campus Daily Scratch-off Hangtag, 'C'

$16 each

Central Campus Daily Scratch-off Hangtag, 'F'

$12 each 

University Vehicle

$1,680 per year

Department Pool

$1,680 per year


$140 per year

Departmental Reserved Permit


  • Departments must submit a written request from the department head justifiying the need for a reserved space. 

  • Parking and Transportation director, or director's designee, must approve the request. 


  • Permit is valid in designated reserved space only. 

  • Permits may not be issued to individual employees for their personal use. 

  • Departments are responsible for proper use of permit

  • Must obey posted regulations. 

  • Not valid in red zones or unmarked spaces. 

$2,616 per year

$502 one time administrative fee