A department may purchase permits for the following purposes:

  • Parking privileges for periodic use by department staff.
  • A reserved space for a specified time period.
  • Parking for university vehicles.
  • Parking for loading/unloading.
  • Visitor passes.

All university-approved guests staying longer than 20 minutes must display an Invited Guest Parking Permit or a Dispensing Machine Ticket (DMT).

An invited guest is any individual who is invited by a University department to participate in a campus-related activity or event. An invited guest could include a vendor, a business associate, a guest speaker, a contractor, or a repair serviceperson.  Departments are responsible for ensuring that their guests have the appropriate permits and that they understand the related parking rules.

There are two types of Invited Guest permits. They are both daily scratch-off hangtags.

  • C Invited Guest Permit
  • F Invited Guest permit

Each permit is valid for one day only and is activated by clearly scratching off the date, both month and day, of use. All scratch-off hangtags are non-refundable, and all sales are final.

Invited Guest permits are available only for departmental use and are not sold to individuals. Departments may buy as many as they need for their anticipated guests prior to an event. There is no limit to how many permits you may purchase, but departments should buy only what they can reasonably use over several months, and replenish supplies as needed. Invited Guest Permits have no expiration date.