We're moving!!!!                

We will be closed from Aug 9th through August 11th, 2017. Please order/pick-up departmental permits the week prior to closure or after our move on August 14th.

Department Order Process

  1. Requestor fills out the order from

  2. Requestor confirms order details and submits to approver.

  3. Approver receives email confirmation with pdf and link to approve order

  4. Approver will deny or approve order after reviewing attached pdf.

  5. Requestor will receive email  notification of approved and denied orders

  6. Requestor will submit a new order form if order is denied.

  7. P&T receives approved order.

  8. P&T will process approved orders within 3 business days.

  9. P&T will email requestor when order is ready for pick up

  10. Requestor will  bring order # and UC ID card to picks up permits from Parking and Transportation Office

  11. Finish