Payroll Deductions

Pre-tax deductions through Wage Works

Pay for transit passes via payroll deduction. UC Berkeley employees can sign up with WageWorks, a free service that enables employees to purchase transit passes and parking. It’s quick and easy to sign up. Don’t delay, start saving today!

Sign Up Instructions:

The WageWorks website is at


1. From click on "Log In/Register" then choose "Employee Registration."

2. Click "NEXT" after reviewing the steps to register for online access.

3. Fill in the required identity information.

Note: for the Home Zip Code field enter, “Your Home Zip Code”

Also note: for the ID Code field, use the last 4 digits of your UCB employee ID number.

4.Click "NEXT."

5. Once authenticated, provide your contact information, including your mailing address, and create a user name and password.

6. Accept the User Agreement and you will be taken to the Welcome Page.

7. Once logged in, select the Commuter Tab.

8. Click on “Place Commuter Order.”

9. Select either, “Public Transportation” for the Easy Pass, or “Parking” for the Annual Permit.

For Clipper Card (Easy Pass):

1. Select “AC Transit.”
2. Select “Employer Pass.”
3. Click “Next.”
4. Confirm your mailing address and click “Next.”
5. Confirm your order by clicking “Order."

Come to the P&T Office to have staff take a photo and to fill out the Release Form.  Your Easy Pass Card will be mailed within ten to fifteen days, once P&T staff processes your order.

For Parking Permit:

1. Select your desired permit type.
2. Enter the requested information and click “Next.”
3. Confirm your mailing address and click “Next.”
4. Confirm your order by clicking “Confirm.”

Pick up permit from the Parking and Transportation office. The cost of your permit will be pro-rated depending on the benefit start date.