Move-In Day 2018 is on August 14th!

To our UC Berkeley Permit Holders:

The Golden Bear Experience 2018 is rapidly approaching for our incoming freshmen and transfer students.

As they are preparing for their transition to campus, we want to give you more information about how Move-In Day and the Golden Bear Orientation will affect you and our community.

Move-In Day 2018 is on August 14th!

Our primary Move-In Day is scheduled for Tuesday, August 14, 2018

(a limited move-in will take place on Monday, August 13)

Residents who are moving in will receieve their complimentary 4-hour permit when they arrive at their scheduled check-in time. Please visit the Housing Website for further instructions.

Please spread the word to your fellow staff about this exciting day!

This means roughly 5,200 incoming undergraduates and their families will drive to residence halls, unload their belongings, and visit the campus, all within a ten–hour time frame. A limited move-in will take place on Monday, August 13.

If you need to be on campus that day, please note the following:

  • Bike, walk, or take public transit, if possible. Find effective routes (or carpool partners) through our Berkeley Moves! Website (link is external) (CalNet ID required).

  • Campus parking will be extremely limited in most cases. See below for details regarding allowed lots, prohibited lots, and alternative locations.

  • If you must drive to campus, factor in additional traffic congestion and commuting time (for example, thirty additional minutes each way) and be prepared to park in alternative lots listed below:

UC Controlled Lots for Move-In

On Tuesday, August 14, 8:00AM – 6:00PM the following parking lot locations will be reserved for Cal Move-In undergraduates and their families (and a Cal Move-In permit will be required):

UC Berkeley Permit Holders may NOT park at these locations:

  • Bancroft Structure

  • Clark Kerr Campus Northwest Lot

  • Clark Kerr Campus Southwest Lot

  • Clark Kerr Campus Horseshoe

  • Ellsworth Structure

  • Foothill Lot

  • Haste/Channing Garage

  • Lower Hearst Structure Level 2

  • Underhill Garage

  • Upper Hearst 3&4

UC Permit Holders Alternate Parking Areas

Due to the heavy congestion and traffic around the residence halls, and the limited parking available, we strongly recommend UC permit holders to park at the following alternate parking facilities and campus lots, (first come first serve basis):

  • Lawrence Hall Science Terraces (link is external)(150 spaces) Shuttle service will be provided to and from lot location, with departures leaving every 15-30 minutes throughout the day.

  • Other UC controlled lots that are available on a first come first serve basis:

    • RSF Garage,
    • Bancroft/Fulton East
    • Bancroft/Fulton West
    • South Extension
    • Banway
    • Frank Schlessinger Way
    • Dwinelle Lot
    • Wellman Court
    • Genetics Garage
    • Lower Hearst Stc. Levels 1/3/4
    • Upper Hearst Stc. Levels 1/2
    • Ridge Lot
    • Boalt Lot

Other lots may be available in addition to those listed above. Please watch our website for further details.

Shuttle Route Information, including parking lot locations and shuttle departure times, will be available here before August 3, 2018.

Be sure to use the Berkeley Moves website (click on the logo below) to find your biking, walking, transit routes, or find carpool partners to the alternate lots and the central campus.

Berkeley Moves! Logo

Find Your RideShare Buddy with Berkeley Moves!

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By registering with your address, you can be able to find:

  • Transit Routes
  • Bike and Walking Routes
  • And carpool buddies

That'll help you get to and from the campus on Move-In Day!