#BeGolden - Take Transit!

As the new school year begins, students, faculty, and staff can always get around campus easy without needing to bring a car to campus.

For more specific information, please download our Student Handbook or click on each section below for more details.

AC Transit


Bear Transit

- Maps & Timetables (Daytime and Nighttime Routes)
- Night Safety Routes

Berkeley Moves!

Whether you are going to campus, or needing to find a carpool to get to the other side of the state, our all-in-one trip planner helps you connect with others through:
  • Trip planning via bike, carpool, or public transit
  • Use our rideboard to find carpool mates to get beyond the campus
  • Incentives and programs throughout in Making Transit Great Again!
Check out our onboarding poster for details! Remember that you must have your berkeley.edu email address in order to access our site!

Biking in Berkeley

Many within the Berkeley Community are biking to campus

BikeShare - FordGoBike



No need to bring your car onto the campus when you can rent a car - by the mile, hour, or day.
Learn more about Carsharing throughout Berkeley and the entire Bay Area.

Uber and Lyft Zones on Campus

UC Parking and Transportation is working with Uber and Lyft to establish designated pick up and drop off locations on campus. These areas are designed for safety, efficiency, and improved circulation in and out of campus. Details inside.
Waze Carpool - Download Waze or Waze Carpool from the App Store or Google Play, register with your Berkeley email address and receive free Carpools to and from campus!
The Loop


The Loop is a golf cart that provides intra-campus rides for eligible faculty, staff, and students with disabilities on a first-come, first-served basis. This service was created to assist persons with mobility disabilities (including temporary disability as a result of injury) and visual impairments. The Loop only operates on the core campus.
Keep Calm and Ride On

Night Safety

UC Berkeley offers comprehensive free night safety services made up of BearWalk escort, night shuttle buses, and a door-to-door service. The time of day determines what services are available.

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