Student Parking Permits

Student permits are sold by the semester and are valid for the semester in which the permit was purchased.  Student permits must be renewed at the beginning of each semester. Students are responsible for purchasing and displaying a valid permit at the start of each semester.  Permits are pro-rated based on the date of purchase and valid in “S” lots only.

Types of Student Permits

Permit Types 2014-15 Academic Year
Student Semester Fall/Spring $344/Semester
Student Semester Summer $280/Semester
Student "S" Night/Weekend (M-F, 3:30pm or 2:00am) $97/Semester
Student Carpool Permit $121/Semester
Motorcycle $312/Annual
Residence Halls $1224/Annual
Student Daily Scratch-off Hangtag, 'S' $10/Each

Student Permit Purchase Criteria

Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to purchase parking permits:

• Must be a registered UC Berkeley student with proof of enrollment for the current term.
• Must live outside the designated campus boundary

Visit the student permit purchase page on how to purchase an "s" permit