FREE PARKING: Trial Parking Program at Lawrence Hall of Science

September 27, 2012

LHS Terrace ImageWe are excited to announce the creation of a new trial parking program that allows current C and F permit holders to park at the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) terraces free of charge til December 31, 2013.

Due to current and expected reductions of parking spaces on or near the central campus, we are testing a program to encourage faculty and staff to use some underutilized parking at the Lawrence Hall of Science terraces.
Here is how it works. If you turn in your current, valid C or F permit (you must have been a valid permit holder for the past 6 months or more), we will give you a new L permit and a free Bear Pass. The L permit is valid only at the Terraces, located just east of the Lawrence Hall of Science. Park at the Terraces and take our campus shuttle or AC Transit down to campus. Here is our Hill Shuttle schedule and here is the AC Transit schedule for the Line 65 Bus. We are testing this program for a year. You will not be charged for your parking permit at the Terraces for the first six months. After December 31, 2013, you can purchase the hill permit for $67 per month. Or, don’t renew your parking permit, leave your car at home and take advantage of the transit option and keep the extra cash in your account. The Bear Pass will continue to be free for all hill permit holders. It will also be free for a full year for those who choose not to repurchase any parking permit. Some of you will enjoy parking at the Terraces or taking transit, which will help alleviate any overcrowding that may occur due to lost spaces on and near campus in the future.
If you are at all worried about giving up your current permit, please know you can return your L permit to us at any time and purchase a C or F permit, so why not give it a try!
To enroll in this program, please download the LHS-TERRACE: Free Trial Period Application form or stop by our offices at 2150 Kittredge St between 7:30a and 4p.