If you take public transportation to work or pay for parking, WageWorks Commuter Benefits save you money by paying parking expenses with pre-tax dollars which lowers  payroll taxes, and employees take home extra money each month.

How does it work?

Easy and convenient to use. 

Funds are moved to the account before taxes are deducted, which reduces their overall tax burden. With WageWorks Commuter Benefits, employees can save an average of 30 percent off their commute.

A WageWorks Commuter Account can also save your company money. By transferring compensation from the employee's pay to a pre-tax account, you could reduce your payroll taxes by as much as 7.65% on the amount of pretax deduction made by your employees. 

Eligible transit and parking services

WageWorks makes it easy for your employees to pay for eligible transit and parking services. All of these payment and reimbursement features are synchronized to deliver accurate, real-time account information:

  • WageWorks® Commuter Card. Employees can use this card just like a debit card where they pay for transit and parking–just swipe and go! Employees decide how much money to load onto their cards, and that money is available for use on the same day as the payroll cycle.
  • Smart Cards. WageWorks Commuter Account contributions are loaded directly onto transit agency smart cards where available.
  • Buy My Pass. Employees identify which transit agency or vanpool provider to buy from, and the pass is delivered to their home.
  • Pay My Provider. Employees can access their accounts online and fill out a simple form to pay transit agencies or parking providers–no receipts or claims forms required.
  • Pay Me Back. Employees can arrange for commuter account funds to be deposited directly to a checking account or a check to be mailed to reimburse them for expenses they’ve already paid. Certain conditions apply.

Pre-tax Parking?

WageWorks Commuter Benefits save them money by paying parking expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Funds are moved from paychecks to accounts before taxes are deducted. It’s a great way to put extra money in your employees' pocket each month.

With WageWorks Commuter Benefits, employees can:

  • Sign up any time and get started quickly with automatic deductions from their paycheck