Westgate photo

All UC parking areas require a valid parking permit for the area. To be eligible for a parking permit, you must be affiliated with the University. Departments can also arrange parking for visitors and service providers. Parking permits must be clearly displayed at all times while parked in campus parking areas.

Parking permits are issued based on the following criteria:

  • Timeframe (peak/off-peak hours)
  • Duration (hourly, daily, monthly, annual or occasional/temporary use)
  • Eligibility (student, faculty/staff, department, alumni/emeriti, invited guest, visitor)
  • User type (individual, group/club, vendor/contractor, carpool/vanpool, disabled driver)
  • Campus facility (classroom units, central campus, halls of residence)
  • Vehicle type (automobile, motorcycle)

These resources are meant to help you secure a parking space, avoid parking stress and adhere to campus parking rules.  While we encourage you to consider alternatives to driving—BART, AC Transit and campus shuttles are great ways to get to UC Berkeley – the following tips, guidelines and resources are designed to help you find the information you need, if you drive: