Biking Information

You can ride everywhere on campus roadways, paths and courtyards except the Dismount Zone (Sproul and Dwinelle Plazas, during peak period, 8am-6pm). The City of Berkeley makes bicycle commuting easy with its system of “Bicycle Boulevards” and other marked bicycle routes and paths. AC Transit and Bear Transit have bicycle racks on the vehicles.

See the Bicycle Resources section below for more information about organizations offering support for your bicycle commute on campus and throughout the City of Berkeley.

1. Licensing

The UCPolice department offers FREE bicycle licensing services. Licensing your bicycle increases the likelihood of recovery in case of theft.

If you have questions about bike licensing, contact UCPD at 642-6760.  

A new license is valid for three years. Renewals, also available, are valid for up to three years.

2. Bicycle Safety

Safe Riding Tips:

  • Always ride with traffic and follow lane markings.
  • Signal your turns and moves.
  • Do not ride in prohibited areas (sidewalks, areas designated for pedestrians only).
  • Observe pedestrian right of way and all road rules.
  • Ride in a straight line, to the right of faster-moving traffic.
  • Use bicycle lanes and paths where available.
  • Stay as close as possible to the curb or the edge of the road.
  • Use caution when passing parked cars, as doors may open without warning!
  • Make sure you are visible to all other road users.
  • Use safety equipment. Always wear a helmet; and light-colored, reflective clothing is recommended. For night riding, use a headlight, a red rear reflector, two-side reflectors on each wheel and reflector pedals.

Locking Tips:

  • Always lock your bike to a bicycle rack.
  • Use a high quality “U” shaped lock. Avoid using lightweight cables or chains, or low quality U-locks.
  • Always lock your bicycle through the frame and both wheels to a bicycle parking rack.
  • Lock all free parts of your bike or take them with you.
  • Avoid leaving your bicycle locked outside overnight.
  • Before leaving your bicycle, give the lock a tug to ensure it is secured.

3. Campus Bicycle Plan 

In August 2006, the Parking & Transportation department released the first comprehensive Campus Bicycle Plan for UC Berkeley. The purpose of the plan is to improve bicycle access for students, faculty, staff and visitors. The plan features a bike-way network, bicycle parking, transit access, amenities and improvements, priorities and programs, design guidelines, and an implementation plan.

The Campus Bicycle Plan embodies UC Berkeley's commitment to support bicycling to, from, and around the Berkeley campus. It organizes and consolidates previously scattered approaches and responsibilities into a comprehensive document that gives direction to University administration, planning and design staff, and design consultants. The Plan also strives to better integrate the campus into the surrounding urban region, linking it with the City of Berkeley's larger bicycle network, and the bay area's regional bicycle infrastructure.

4. Campus Bicycle Policies

Be respectful of pedestrians. They have the right-of-way.

Dismount Zone: In the area of Sproul and Dwinelle Plazas, riding is prohibited during peak periods of pedestrian traffic – between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Bicyclists must walk their bicycles in the Dismount Zone or be subject to citation. 

The recommended speed on campus paths is 5 mph within 10 feet of any pedestrian, and 10 mph elsewhere.

Bicyclists are subject to the same rules of the road as motor vehicles. The maximum speed limit on roadways is 25 mph, except where posted otherwise. In driveways and parking lots it is 10 mph.

5. Bicycle Policy Enforcement

To safely and effectively manage the growing number of bicycles on campus, the Parking & Transportation department and the University Police share responsibility for regulation of bicycle parking, bicycle traffic and equipment, investigation of theft, and education regarding safety and bike theft prevention.

6. Campus Bicycle Committee 

The Campus Bicycle Committee develops recommendations on campus bicycle issues. The campus community is invited to participate in committee meetings. For more information, contact Committee Chair Greg Haet at (510) 642-4848. 

7. Bicycle and Pedestrian Commute Programs

The New Directions Program for faculty and staff bicycle or pedestrian commuters offers a number of benefits, including discounted daily parking and guaranteed rides home in the event of a personal emergency.

Cyclists and walkers that use transit as a back-up should consider joining the New DirectionsTransit Subsidy or Pre-Tax Transit program for BART, Vallejo/Fairfield transit tickets or the AC Transit Bear Pass program for AC Transit to take advantage of discounts.

8. BicyCAL

The Student Bike Cooperative, BicyCAL seeks to make the quality of student life better by giving students affordable, environmentally sustainable, and increased access to bicycles; a healthy alternative form of transportation. We are a dedicated group of students and community partners that are working to build an inclusive and powerful bicycle community. We work in coalition with a wide array of campus and community groups in order to broaden our mission of bike action. 

The Student Bike Co-Op consists of three parts.

1. A fleet of shared bicycles that UC Berkeley students can take out and use

2. A portable bike maintenance station on Sproul

3. A community hosting bike events on campus and holding workshops with local bike shops.

By organizing community events, educational workshops, group bike rides, maintenance teach-ins and an earn-a-bike program, we hope to foster more awareness about environmental and transportation sustainability. We also work to publish educational bike literature to provide knowledge and increase consciousness about bikes. You can find us on campus when we set up our mobile bike repair station on Upper Sproul or catch us at environmental and community events.

Please visit the BicyCal website for more information.